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Polyurea Coating and Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation

Aloha Building Construction PolyureaAloha Building and Construction Inc. (ABC Inc.) is a locally owned and operated business in the State of Hawaii. We are a technically-advanced applicator and installer of protective coating systems in Hawaii. Our primary focus is on application of Polyurea coatings systems that comply with EPA’s SPCC requirements for Secondary Containment. Polyurea coatings are engineered for extreme conditions, severe exposure, high traffic, water intrusion, sewage treatment plants, primary and secondary containment, chemical and corrosion resistant liners, waterproofing, reservoirs, abrasion resistance, non-skid floor coatings, koi ponds, water features, spray on bed liners.  We specialize in the Oil, Gas, and Wastewater Industry, projects that stretch beyond the capabilities of conventional or even usual industrial coatings systems. From heavy to light industrial, commercial to residential, ABC Inc. can provide a solution to your needs.

ABC Inc. is fully insured and an approved certified applicator for Specialty Products Inc. (SPI) the recognized global market leader and innovator in manufacturing Polyurea. Our employees are trained and certified not only in the techniques of Polyurea application, but are experts in operation and service of plural component equipment, spray guns, hoses, parts and accessories. In a few months we have approached quarter of a million square footage in Polyurea spray application in projects on Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island.

ABC Inc. utilizes only the best in spray equipment, plural component proportioners, Guzmer pumps and Graco spray technology. We utilize two fully self-contained trailers with power generators, compressors, pumps, tools, maintenance facilities and materials storage. In addition, two custom-designed fully equipped self-contained spray trucks. For smaller projects we utilize a light-weight, low pressure, LPG Polyurea spray applicator. Our 5 separate Polyurea spray rigs are specifically made to reach all areas of coating applications.ABC Inc. believes that safety is always first and foremost. Safety is one of the keys to our success. Due to our exceptional safety ratings and standards we have been able to secure master agreements with local conglomerates such as CHEVRON and Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO). All of our employees have completed and passed their applicable safety training classes and adhere to and maintain their stringent safe work practices at all times. Our 22 plus Polyurea installers and applicators have gone through and passed physical tests by an authorized physician for respiratory testing based on OSHA standards. Each are personally respirator fit tested by ABC Inc. safety coordinator to ensure proper usage of OSHA approved full or half face respirators. All crew members are equipped with proper OSHA approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Polyurea Spraying Video

ABC Inc. is licensed in the State of Hawaii as a General Contractor and work in conjunction with their licensed affiliates Aloha Machine and Welding Ltd. and Aloha Paving LLC.



  • Primary and Secondary Containment:

  • Encapsulation:

  • Marine:

  • Linings:

  • Pre Coatings (Abrasion Resistance/Corrosion Protection):

  • Foam Coating:

  • Roof Coatings:

  • Flooring:

  • Manholes:

  • Structures:

  • Other markets:


    • Aloha Building Construction PolyureaTank linings or primary/secondary containment


    • Spill containment for oil tanks/ tank farm


    • Secondary containment on geotextile fabric


    • Use on geotextile fabric



    • Aloha Building Construction PolyureaAsbestos and lead encapsulation


    • Macro encapsulation of hazardous debris and rubble


    • Rust encapsulation on barges and tanks



    • Aloha Building Construction PolyureaBoats, boat docks, lifts and marinas


    • Fish holds



    • Bedliners for pick-up trucksAloha Building Construction


    • Silos for containment of coal, cement, chemicals etc.


    • Ambulance Interior


    • Interiors of smoke stacks to prevent salt cake buildup


    • Aquaculture and horticulture ponds


    • Irrigation ditches, troughs and flumes


    • Liners for setting pondsLining for cement mixers, ready mix trucks and chutes



    • Aloha Building Construction PolyureaBridge coatings


    • Pipelines for corrosion control


    • Pipe coatings


    • Coating for pipe insulation fittings


    • Coat metal salt and sand spreaders


    • Roller conveyor


    • Fire water tankers protection of rush and stress cracks


    • Plastic pellet railcars – to prevent rust containment



    • PolyFoam SprayHail, bird, traffic protection over PU Foam


    • Protect foam floatation billets from mechanical and hydrocarbon damageserving sandbags on embankments to prevent washouts



    • Aloha Building Construction PolyureaRoof coatings for metal decks


    • Coating roof shingles



    • Aloha Building Construction PolyureaFoam Insulation coat for floor cushioning


    • Horse barn and horse trailer floors


    • Concrete sanitation process stations



    • Sealing manholes from water infiltrationAloha Building Construction Polyurea


    • Protect concrete sewer manholes from H2S



    • Aloha Building Construction ChevronBridge deck waterproofing


    • Tractions surface for vertical tower training for firefighters


    • Highway and bridge overlays


    • Protect high voltage boom trucks from electrical conductivity


    • Sports courts and skateboard ramp surfaces



    • Aloha Building ConstructionEliminate electrical conductivity on explosive off-loading


    • Urine resistance for floors/walls of jail cells


    • Playground equipment lining


    • Protective elastomer for sprayed-in-place urethane foam


    • Rock shield for pipelines


    • Primed metal surfaces