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Machining – Welding – Mechanical – Fabrication – Insulation

For more information on welding services, contact Aloha Machine and Welding.

Expert Welders in Hilo, Hawaiiphoto 3

Looking for expert welders in Hilo, HI and across Hawaii that offer a wide range of expertise, machining and fabrication services including equipment rentals and piping insulation? They use cutting edge of technology. No job is too big or too small. Aloha Machine and Welding offers:

  • The latest technology and the highest quality design
  • The best engineering and highest quality workforce
  • Fabrication, machining and Installation of any major piece of equipment
  • A proactive safety program
  • The most knowledgeable and most qualified experts in the industry

The Best Technology

At Aloha Machine and Welding in Hilo, they constantly research the latest developments in welding fabrication technology and production. They prioritize quality, efficiency, and machinery that will deliver the best service to our clients. They update and replace our machinery on a regular basis to ensure that they have the latest in cutting-edge technology to serve their valued client.

The Promise 

At Aloha Machine and Welding, quality is more than just an empty promise. They know that they can provide the highest quality products through utilizing cutting-edge technologies, an ever-vigilant attention to detail, and ensuring that their welders have the highest possible level of training. Since 1993, their clients have put their trust in Aloha Machine and Welding to provide the excellence they required for their most important projects.

Their promise to you is quality–each and every time.