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E-Krete – Polymer Composite Micro Overlay (PCMO)

Certified Applicators, Trainers, and Distributors of E-Krete for the State of Hawaii, Fiji, Guam and the Philippines

Aloha Building Construction E-KreteAloha Building and Construction Inc. is Hawaii’s certified applicators and distributors of E-Krete, a polymer modified cementitious surface treatment material that is designed to be applied over both asphalt and concrete. As a concrete and asphalt pavement surface treatment, E-Krete is impervious to UV and all types of aeronautical and primary automotive fluids as well as being salt and water resistant. It is suitable for pedestrian, aviation or vehicular traffic. E-Krete has the ability to bond securely to old or new asphalt or concrete allowing the user to restore deteriorated pavements or improve upon original friction requirements to the surface. It can also bond to itself when maintenance patching is required.


Please watch this 7 minute video:


The US Army Corps of Engineers at the Waterways Experiment Station in Vicksburg, Mississippi put E-Krete through a series of tests in which it was subjected to extreme conditions and circumstances. They found, among many outstanding results:

  • Multiple pivot steers of an M-60 Tank weighing in excess of 100,000 pounds were made on the E-Krete application with no delamination… the only damage that could be detected was some slight scuffing of the surface areas with broadcast sand. This would certainly be a ‘worst case scenario’ for virtually any type of normal road or airfield traffic.
  • Results of deicing chemicals on E-Krete showed no observable scaling.
  • Fuel Resistance – ASTM D2939 – 1/8″ Coating Thickness – PCMO – test stopped after 120 hours, no penetration.

How E-Krete Works:

The surface treatment course is supplied in a two-part kit containing two specially formulated components: a liquid polymer resin and a dry cementitious powder. The result is a water-based polymeric coating with a choice of finishes for specific applications. These range from a lightly textured finish for normal pedestrian traffic or where a smooth finish is desired, to a heavy textured coarse finish for vehicular traffic or where a rough finish is desired.

How E-Krete is Applied

Aloha Building Construction E-Krete

The E-Krete PCMO material is placed using a specially manufactured squeegee apparatus or “Micro-Sled”. This uniquely designed squeegee apparatus is unlike normal squeegees used for coal tar and asphaltic emulsion seal coats and slurries, and is specifically designed for the placement of cementitious PCMO overlay materials. The PCMO material is batched in a concrete or slurry type mixer until the properly proportioned mixture of Polymer resins, Portland cement/sand blend, and water are mixed to a homogeneous consistency. Upon obtaining proper mixed consistency, the PCMO material is poured into the Micro-sled, whereby a configuration of specially designed rubber squeegees strike off the micro-overlay to predetermined thickness. Irregular or small areas are placed by specialized hand squeegee applications.

E-Krete Application Video (0 min, 59 sec)

E-Krete Benefits

  • Long life and long-term durability
  • Rapid Setting / Short downtime
  • Friction coefficients matched to particular application
  • Can be used on asphalt and concrete
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cost effective alternative to other seal coat materials
  • UV stable
  • Excellent wear resistance

E-Krete Applications

  • Refueling areas.
  • Oxidized and otherwise eroded asphalt.
  • Pavements with oil spot damage potential.
  • An alternative to seal coats and slurry seals.
  • Protection of new asphalt surfaces – before deterioration starts!
  • Areas where a high coefficient of friction is needed, e.g., taxiways, runways and roadways.