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Aloha Building and Construction’s core value is safety and our belief and objective is “No One Gets Hurt…Never… Ever…Safety with Aloha”

Aloha Building Construction Safety

ABC Inc. is proud of our safety record and our OSHA Recordable Incident Rate.

ABC Inc.  conducts business with the philosophy that all incidents and injuries are preventable and that prevention starts at the top with direct management involvement. 

Consequently, every ABC Inc. employee is held accountable for the safety of all operations.

The corporate directive is to not perform any operation which may be deemed unsafe to one’s self, coworkers or property.

ABC Inc. has been recognized by our industrial clients as having an industry leading safety process incorporating all of the major elements in safe work practices.

ABC Inc.  Goal is Zero Incidents. Our Safety Process is among the most effective in the Islands. We emphasize prevention and our safety performance statistics show that we are successful.