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About Us

One Stop Shop

ABC Inc. consolidates in construction with consultants, engineers and contractors joining forces to provide the very best of services possible. Please see our SERVICES page for more information.


As a one-stop-shop business, the first major advantage of employing ABC, Inc. to a project, there is accountability. Our clients no longer have multiple consultants to deal with (i.e. Architects, Project Managers, Surveyors, Safety Consultants, Engineers, etc). This makes managing the project, from the client’s perspective a lot easier. Our clients only have one person to turn to in any event, meaning that accountability is enhanced in the client’s perspective.

Expertise Sharing and Cost Estimates

ABC Inc., has the inherent advantage of accuracy of cost estimates, this means that the client would get better value for money based on the fact that there is going to be more cross-professional knowledge-sharing within our organization.

Services on all Islands

ABC Inc. provides construction services on all islands, and maintains Office and Shop operations on Hawai’i and Oahu.